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need some advice on wifi endoscope camera


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I bought a wifi endoscope camera from amazon a couple yrs ago to connect to my iphone.

it was working fine at the time, but the app (MOQO view) is not working anymore and it's no longer available on the app store.

I've seen some youtube videos that say you can re download the app from a list of past purchases but I haven't been able to find it that way either.


I can still connect to the camera via wifi, but I have no way to access the camera since I don't have an app to launch.

I also tried to connect it to my pc running windows 10, windows said it installed the software successfully but I don't see the camera show up.


this is the same camera i bought



does anyone know a workaround way for me to connect to this thing?

kinda sucks that it just stops working because the software doesn't work now, and there's nothing I can do about it. 


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