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Can PC-Matic Supershield detect/remove Pegasus surveillance software (malware)?

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Just heard today that bad-actors and some less-than trustworthy individuals/government agencies are stealth-installing Pegasus on devices of people whom they want to surveil. Can your anti-malware software detect this? I can't think of any reason the government would find me threatening, except that I believe in reliance on God, not government, and tend to be rather open about my faith on-line.

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Hi @Earl-in-WA


Thanks for your question, we are aware of this "new" spyware and are actively monitoring the situation. Pegasus was developed in 2018 and sold for government espionage,  targeted towards iOS and Android devices. If you have PC Matic installed on your Android device, we block all known-bad executables as well as unknowns that have yet to be seen in the wild, so you will be protected. We do not offer a product for iOS devices.


Hope this helps, 


Tx 🤠



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