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I have two external drives - and two PCs - one PC is problematic with the one of the externals


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I have two external drives identical brand - 8Gb & 6GB - and two PCs - HP Elite 7300 series MT & HP Z620 Workstation 


The USED ONE HP Z620 Workstation PC is problematic - [bought today, using fresh installed Windows 10 Pro 21H1 ] with one of the externals, the 6GB - shows empty [ shows only three (3) files I think of the brand of HDD] - but ironically is full - like show the HP Elite 7300 series MT PC Windows Pro 10 20H2 - which can access all files..., well what to try??


If I wanted to add a SATA 3 HDD for Data in the HP Z620 WS PC - this can be without cables, since has built-in slots and plugs and HDD fit auto/directly... correct?


Posted also here:  


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