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Weird issue folding (Causing lockup of pc)

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 Can't understand this. I'm running folding on just my GPU. Within the last 3 weeks the pc has been locking up after folding for about 2 hours. Thinking it was my video card I swapped it out for my old 650Ti. Same thing happened. Opened system monitor in my linux OS and starting folding, I see one cpu core jump up to 100%. Why is this since I don't fold on the cpu.

Not sure what is going on. Need to get this working the right way again. Any ideas?   TIA

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What Linux OS are you running? I'm on OpenSuse and they don't support my Video Card anymore - So could be why it's switching to CPU. I guess you've checked temps and throttled folding back to see if that has any effect?

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 Running Mint 19.2 Cinnamon. It's been running folding for about 7 months with no problem. My other pc running the same OS with a gtx1660 card hasn't had any problems. And both are running the same nvidia drivers.

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