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How do I know my ex can't not see my.. gps locations. My emails or my call lo


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  • Victoria changed the title to How do I know my ex can't not see my.. gps locations. My emails or my call lo

Hola @Victoria and :wpcm:


That's a very loaded question. 


In my opinion, if you use a smartphone and or laptop/tablet that was shared prior to your post here and if you truly believe they're that cunning, take the devices to a local, reputable shop and have them ensure your data is backed-up and safe, not to an online account/service(gmail,hotmail...) that was known to the other party, copy it to physical media that only you possess, then part ways with those devices.


Now go  buy only what you need(cell phone/tablet laptop) with a new phone number, new email accounts, etc.


Again, this is only my opinion and what I think I might do if I thought I was in your shoes.


Best of luck,

Tx 🤠


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Erasing your digital footprint is difficult.

The basics would be changing all passwords for mail/websites/phone access; set up 2 stage security on any website that allows this.

Turn off GPS location on your phone or as TX suggests change your phone and number (safest option).


Use a VPN to access the internet (or private browsing); this will mask your IP.


As suggested - get all your pics etc backed up to physical media.

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Ultimately, you will have to change to a different carrier, get a new phone number, don't transfer the old one, and set your phone so as not to send your phone number to the recipient's "Caller i.d.).

I would suggest that you use a prepaid phone like "TracPhone"  for several months before going back on to a regular carrier like Verizon and to go through several different, and not connected to each other, phone numbers in the interim. Save everything in the way of stored date to a separate flash drive so that you will be able to access it in the future, but DO NOT LOAD ANYTHING FROM THE OLD PHONE, OR TRANSFER ANYTHING FROM THE OLD SIM CARD. Just keep what you need in that removable drive, and store the drive in something like a gun safe or similar security device. I have sometimes told clients without security devices to load it on a non-sensitive temperature medium, and put that in their refrigerator or freezer until they need it.

Finally, and this can be a bit pricey, but find a professional who can put your vehicle up on a lift and carefully examine it for the presence of an installed GPS TRACKING DEVCE.  If you do find one, don' remove it immediately, first drive out on an interstate highway in a direction that would indicate that you are leaving town for a while and then reach up and remove the GPS Tracking Device. If you think that you can get away with it, just stick it on someone else's RV or semi-trailer. This will probably drive someone insane for a few days trying to figure out what is going on. I once stuck one on a freight car on a siding waiting to be hooked up to a westbound train. It was in intermodal carrier and I know it was put on a ship in the L.A., CA port. Never heard another word about being surveilled again.:boxing:

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