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PC Matic And PC Matic Super Shield both will NOT launch

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Hi PC Matic!


I keep having this problem that when I want to run anything on PC Matic or if I set up a weekly automatic system check and clean up, PC Matic will not launch... same with PC Matic Super Shield.  I have clicked on Run As Administrator, and opened the location, and various other things.  I've spent hours on this and trying to get it to launch various ways but nothing will launch it and I like to make sure I run this weekly on all my computers and laptops but nothing.  Can you please assist?  Maybe the file is corrupted or I am not certain but each week this happens now.  OHHHH, and I have wonderful WINDOWS 10 which is crazy and I always make certain they don't turn on Windows Defender and turn off PC Matic so that has not happened.  

Can you please assist me?  I am NOT a technical genius so can you please help with details of what I can do to get this to work?  Thanks so much! I love PC Matic and PC Matic Super Shield but lately it has not been working. 


Thank you very much!

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Hola @CourtneyMJ and :wpcm:


All of our product support is done through our Help Desk that can be reached at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ or now, from within the PC Matic application.  Our Help Desk is the official source, and fastest way, to receive support for PC Matic products.


Thanks again for your patience and we look forward to getting this fixed for you!

Tx 🤠

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