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If your kids play Fortnite

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If your little ones play Fortnite, you might get a lil nosier than you already are about the ppl they play with online.



"Youth workers are warning parents and Fortnite players that drug dealers are attempting to make young gamers drug mules by offering v-bucks as payment. An article from The Times is shining a light on how certain criminals are offering children rewards for harbouring drugs or delivering packages to customers so they can buy in-game rewards for games like the highly successful Epic Games battle royale.

Matthew Norford, a 38-year old youth worker has told The Times that through his scheme 1Message, he has young kids between the age of 12 and 13 report that older people have been in contact with them while playing Fortnite. Kids are drawn into the idea of playing games with older individuals in their area because it's seen as cool. These criminals then make a deal to buy the kids v-bucks for Fortnite if the kid will keep drugs in their room for them, or delivers packages of drugs apparently."


Tx 🤠

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