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Rev-Rally.com call hoax or real?

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I received a call on my cell phone from a FL number and let it go to voicemail.  They left a message saying they were from Rev-Rally and were calling because I had signed up to join them via FB.  I was working at the time so ignored that.  And then they sent a text to my cell, from a local number.  At this point, I Googled Rev-Rally.com to see if it were a legit sight and everything looked fine.  I replied via text that I had not signed up to join them and to remove my number.  Of course, after the fact, I realized I never put my cell phone number on anything - especially not FB.  I ran a PC Matic scan on my phone and computer and cleared my browsing history on my computer and now when I look for Rev-Rally.com, I am told it is an invalid address.  Aarrgghh.  Note to self to never deal with this stuff when my mind is preoccupied with other things.


Anyway, I have PC Matic on my phone and all my devices.  I'm hoping that will protect me from whatever I have stupidly done, but has anyone heard of this and if so, am I worrying for nothing or for something?  Thank you - Mumzy

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Hola @Mumzy and :wpcm:


Sounds like you may have gotten a "regular" phishing attempt or spam call/text. If you shared no info with them, which it sounds like you didn't, you'll be fine. I know you blamed being distracted on how you handled it, but that you didn't give any info, was the right thing to do. When you get those calls/texts, ignore them and or report them via whatever means your phone or carrier provides, block them and go on about your day, but NEVER respond with any info about yourself. If they claim to be from some company you do business with, call them  directly and inquire about why you were contacted, never give info to someone who contacted you claiming to be from X.


Tx 🤠

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