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PC Matic Chrome extension blocks http requests


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For example, when we open this link:



When only the uBlockOrigin is enabled – it just blocks domains “google-analytics.com” and “googleadservices.com” and the site content is shown correct.

The PC Matic, on the other hand, in addition to blocked Google domains also blocks 2 http GET requests to Trustifi servers. Sometimes requests remain forever pending, sometimes they just return no data:




These requests are still shown with green marks in the extension popup. I tried to add Trustifi domain to extension “Whitelist” and “My Filters” but without success.

If PC Matic really intends to block these http requests they should appear in popup with red flag and should be available for exclusion in Whitelist/Filters.

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 10.27.06.png

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Hola @MarkBB and :wpcm:


Please forgive me for having overlooked this, I was out on a day trip with the family. I see you've also submitted a ticket to our Help desk, thank you for that. 


You should be receiving a reply from us shortly. Thanks for your support and patience while we get this rectified with you!


Tx 🤠

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