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I had to send laptop back to be repaired


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 Before sending ti back I copied the whole Dir of Turbo Tax to my desk top in a file. Can I just copy this file back to the laptop after it was fixed and just try to install it? What I am trying to do is just run installer from with in the file copied back to the laptop. The reason is I  would like to try and keep all the previous year info from turbo tax. I really do not want to have to input all the info again into Turbo tax if I did a clean install. Yes trying to be lazy.


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Depends on whether there's any registry entries linked to the directory.

What I would do - 


- Do a clean install

- Rename the clean directory something like dir_old

- Import the old directory (I'm assuming it's all one big folder?)

- Reboot the PC and see if it all works


If it doesn't simply remove the imported directory and re-name dir_old to what it should be.

Some software you can do it, some you can't.

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