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Instagram from Samsung 9S to TV


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  I am watching a video in real time on Instagram and would like to see it in full screen on my TV or computer. I have Instagram account open on computer but the screen is the same size as a phone. Have tried to use a HDMI cord from phone to computer but it does not show up on the computer or when HDMI cord plugged into TV. Trying to look at grand daughters game and hard to see  any one.  Is there any way of seeing real time video in a larger screen on either TV or computer?

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Is it a Smart TV?


There are programs like 'All share'; or most smart phones have an inbuilt sharing app / setting but it needs a smart TV or something like a Google Chromecast for older TVs.

You might still not get full screen - But you will get a TV sized version of your phone screen.

Huwaweii phones have a 'Smart' desktop' which basically gives you a chromebook screen on the TV with all your apps.

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