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Canon Pixma mx920

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Not sure if this is where or even if I can ask this here. I am trying to shut off the ink is low or out on my canon pixma mx920 and can't remember for the life of me how I did it the first time. I am refilling my cartridges, and i have before, although its been some time. Thank You for any help or direction here.🙂

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Thank You. I tried this, but there isn't a place to shut off the warning. I went to control panel ,view hardware and sound, right clicked on the printer I use, clicked the maintenance tab but there isnt anything that states where you can shut the warning off.  My printer wont even print in black if it detects one ink out. Any other suggestions? I  Hate when you buy a product, only to find out it isnt truly yours...🙄 Not sure if there is any other suggestions. Thank You. I did look into buying a chip resetter, but it wasn't rated well.

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