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Hey all, I'm back

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Been away for a short while due to some setbacks and not having an internet connection. We now have a new internet connection and I've got my system all updated and F@H client up and running again!


How's everyone else doing? 👋

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Hmmm, ran into a snag with my client. Maybe there's an updated version I need to switch up to? Haven't been able to get any new CPU WUs for about 48 hours now, just sitting at download status with everything showing as unknown. GPU WUs are still running and download just fine, though, they never finish and then I get no credit.


I'm running an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega 8, runs 8 logical CPU cores and also an independent GPU (not sure of exact specs). GPU work won't finish or credit because on web control page it shows that my machine has 1.75 days to complete, but it will take 3.50 days for it to actually get the work done. Seems pointless to download and start work that is not possible to complete within the limit. Plus it's costing me 50k - 60k points (for each WU that I lose out running) that could count towards our wonderful team here... so that's about 150k or so points that could have been in the past 2 days. And I'm only about 20k away from the 1M milestone 😞


I can check again to be sure my system is all updated, but last manual update check I only seen there's one for HP firmware that's listed as optional.

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