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Secure Connection Failed - PR End Of File Error

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Trying to access a website - beerhop.co.uk but getting above error message


Could access it last night.

Also have a work laptop here and can access it no problem (using the same router but on wi-fi.


Completely at a loss as to why my desktop suddenly stopped allowing me access (tried firefox, chrome and edge browsers).


Anyone any idea why?

Use AVG Antivirus Free and Windows 10 Firewall.

By the way, can access other webpages, i.e. BBC News, Amazon etc. All seems ok there.


Completely stuck.

Any help appreciated.





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Hi; it means that your system cant find any valid security certificates / ciphers and has hit the end of it's list to check.


Have you tried with the AV turned off? or  can you whitelist the site in AVG?

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