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Why do YouTube videos freeze and buffer when using Bluetooth headphones with restaurant Wi-Fi?


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Hi. I've been having a problem when I go to my nearby Subway sandwich shop. I take my tablet and Seinheiser Bluetooth/wired headphones every time and mainly watch YouTube videos while I'm there.


When I use their free Wi-Fi, which is Comcast, I believe, and used to have no problems with a few years ago, and try to watch a video with my headphones switched to Bluetooth, the videos will freeze before long and buffer non-stop and never play, but when I switch off the Bluetooth and use the headphones wired, the same videos play with no problem. For some reason they wont play with the Bluetooth switched on.


Podcast audio plays with no problem with the Bluetooth but not videos. But, with the same tablet and headphones, when I switch over and use the Xfinity Wi-Fi service that's temporarily free, and use Bluetooth with my headphones, YouTube videos play fine. No freezing or buffering non-stop at all.


I'm wondering why I have problems with the free store Wi-Fi but not the free Xfinity service? I can do fine with my headphones wired but still am curious as to what the problem is. Maybe some equipment needs to be moved further away from their router or something. Thanks for any explanations.



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