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Need info about blue-ray single or double sided for home pictures and video's


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I have been looking into a external blue-ray for home video storage. I have read that the blue-ray(BR) is better for long term storage of pictures and video's. I would like to know if they are  better than regular DVDs. I do understand the BR can store about 25 or 50 GIG on them. Would a single side or double sided be better say in the next 10-20 years. I am just worried about long term storage and the pictures degrading.

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Hola Bob4, 


The honest truth is, while Blu-Ray is a mature medium, we just don't know exactly how well it'll hold up in the long term because accelerated aging tests can only provided a worst/best case hypothetical. That said, the 2 biggest factors in degrading optical medium are physical damage(scratches) and sunlight. If you're storing them in sealed cases where they won't be damaged by either, it's safe to assume at least 10yrs shelf life. Remember too though that a disc you record isn't the same as one you buy from the store that's already contains data, like a movie, those are pressed discs vs one you're "burning" the data to via laser.


According to Popular Mechanics


LIFESPAN 10 to 15 years*


PROS Unlike DVDs, required to meet a base level of scratch resistance, relatively cheap, can hold up to 25 GB per layer.

CONS Fragile, degrades in heat and light unless it's a gold-coated archival disc.

* 100 years with gold coating.


Hope that helps, 

Tx 🤠

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