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Life deals devestating blows and my PPD is going to drop.


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 As you have probably seen, my PPD has dropped a bit and will probably be dropping much lower. I just don't have the time or funds to maintain my pc's right now.


 I have hesitated to post anything about this, hoping things would improve. But it's not happening. On June 7th my wife suffered a serious stroke. She has almost no use of her right arm, and only a bit more from the right leg. Also, very little speech. She spent almost 4 months in a hospital and skilled nursing facility. She has only gained back a small percent of her lost mobility and communication. I was able to bring her home on September 25th. I was lucky in that the local VFW came to my home and built a wheelchair ramp that enables me to get her into and out of the house. I can't thank them enough for that!!


 At this time she needs most of my time and energy, so other things (my pc's) take a back seat for now. They will keep folding until hardware fails, but will not be repaired until things improve here at home. My main rig will be not folding during the day as I research more ways to help Sandy recover. Sorry to drop down like this, but I must. Hope y'all understand.

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I think we all understand. My wife had a serious heart attack 4 years ago; I took 6 months out to look after her and start her on a road to recovery; It's been tough, but she's getting there with support from family, friends and medical professionals. It does get easier.

All the best.


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An update:  At about 10:00 PM last night, my wife of almost 50 years has passed away. She never recovered from her stroke, and her health declined. For the past 3 months she has been in a nursing hom. For 2 of those months she has been under hospice care.


And now she is gone.😢

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