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I am trying to use PC Matic to scan this computer and the above error code pops up.  I have 5 computers and all were updated to windows 10 when they offered it for free.  My other computers work well and PC Matic works.  This computer won't allow me to use PC Matic...it looks good on desktop.  it opens up when i pick it. it won't scan and I noticed that my information button says" 

error Browsing Results: You need to complete a clean up on this computer before this information can be viewed."  I cleaned the C drive in windows. rebooted the system several times.  nothing helps.  


I saw somewhere where PC Matic thinks this computer has the old Windows 7 program.  


I have PC Matic Evergreen which I purchased in 2017, but now when i access PC Matic it wants to charge me to joint 10 computers for an additional yearly subscription of $150...whats up with that?... What happened??

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Hello, I realized how to fix this item.  I was given a new laptop for a Christmas present to replace an older laptop which I was to retire. I did not remove the ole laptop from my PC Matic inventory of 5 computers.  Thus, PCMatic was seeing 6 computers and because I was trying to scan on this computer it showed me all those error messages and tried to sell me a new contract.  So, one I realized what had happened, I removed the ole laptop and then I had 5 computers.  now when I scan ALL computers work flawlessly!!!!  Sorry for the trouble, and I hope you know now more which will educate you all to a higher level.


Again, Thank you for an AWESOME product and I HIGHLY recommend your services to any who need it!!!

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