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I have contacted Support over email with problems starting with pcmatic  Error with ajax, default.htm, browsing results and main.js. Ticket was 843-23089. I was send and email with 3 steps to solve the problem I did that. Rebooted checked all but the default.htm error when trying to open details remained. But after the fixes by you now I have a problem with your LogfileUploader.exe it just comes on (found it in task manager after seeing all my connection going nuts) it runs  about every 10-15 min killing all my connections all work I am doing online for about 2 min then disappears from task manager. I know the file is located in install dir. I tried to fill out online support ticked but it give me error messages. I used your product for many years this is the first time this has happened I was just renewed on service. I can not have this happen I work online.  Plus this problem with the LogfileUploader.exe only happens on my Pc not on my others

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Hi @Manuela Hubbuch

I just replied to your open help desk ticket.  Our email help desk is the only place to get official support for PC Matic's paid products.

Please check your email and reply to continue with support for this issue.  If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

We appreciate having you as a valued PC Matic customer.

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