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JW Player vids that auto-play and "follow you" as you scroll down the page.

Tx Redneck

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If you ever visit a site and they auto-play a video w/sound, then as you continue to scroll down the page, they place it in the lower corner of your screen making it so you can't "escape" the video without manual intervention, I've got the fix for you.


Install uBlock Origin from your browser's extension repository(Chrome Webstore, etc), then go into the extension's settings(click the three slider looking lines that say Open the Dashboard). Under the tab "My Filters", copy and paste the following, then click "Apply Changes". 




Now, go [URL="https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/man-who-lost-an-eye-to-a-projectile-during-dallas-protests-demands-answers-from-police/287-8b8c4ca8-84bc-4afa-bfcd-a8fcd926c260"]here[/URL] and see if there's an auto-play video, if any playing video, or if one "follows" you down the page as you scroll.


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