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Can not aconnect to router.

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I have a HP Pavilion notebook,model t9y49av. At first I went to summer place and could not connect to router. Then I tried when I got home and I could not connect to router. So I tried to hard wire to router. At first I could not connect. Was told some thing wrong with DHCP.  Computer said it could fix so I let it. I was able to get on to the internet. I am still NOT ABLE TO CONNECT TO WI-FI with out hard wire. WI-FI is working with other laptop and cell phones but not this laptop. I went to device manager and clicked on every thing in internet. It all said it was working OK. I tried to check for updates to stuff in that folder but was told it already had the latest updates. I tried the HP self test and it reset some of the devices and still nothing. WI=FI is turned on also. I even tried to turn of NORTONS for 15 minutes and did hard restart, still no WI-FI.  ANY IDEAS

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WI-FI is always wireless.  The WI part is short for wireless.  By definition you aren't connected to WI-FI when you are connected to the router with a hard wire. 


All of that being said... I think we get what you mean.  You are unable to connect to your router - and therefore the internet- utilizing the WI-FI.


A couple of questions...

  • When you were in the device manager, did you see any yellow exclamation points?
  • Any red X's?
  • Any down arrows?
  • Any unknown devices?

Does your computer "see" the WI-FI signal?  Go to settings>Network& Internet.  Based upon you saying it doesn't connect, network status should show that you aren't connected.  Click on "Show available networks".  Does your WI-FI show?


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In device manager there are no red X's or any down arrows or any unknown  devices.The networks does show I am not connected and it see my network. I have tried to renter the password figuring it might of been corrupted. I did that twice and it still can not connect.

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I believe you already tried clicking on the troubleshooting button on the status page.  Correct?


If it found nothing to fix, then lets try something fairly simple.  Reboot your router and your computer and see if they can find each other starting fresh.

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I had assumed that.


Well.  Those are all of the easy things to try.  Next would be your IP address.


On that same status page, part way down, it should say "Change your network settings".  Just below that it should say "Change adapter settings".  Click on that.  That should bring up a list of your network adapters.  At minimum you should have "local connection" (that will be where you hook up your ethernet cable) and a wireless network connection.  Obviously that is the one we want.


Double click on it to bring up it's status page.  in the lower left click on the "Properties" button.  Find where it says "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"  Double click on those words and it should bring up the properties page.


Make sure that "Obtain an IP address Automatically is checked".


Click OK, OK, and close.  Then restart your computer and see if it will connect.




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