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dual boot without boot loader - Windows 10 Pro + Windows 10 Pro


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About Dual boot

if having installed Windows 10 Pro - but OS suffers cannot update OS neither install nor update Applications

If I wanted dual boot it


If insert a second SSD, and install Windows 10 Pro --- this process will create a Boot loader - and at boot choose the OS to boot?


If remove initially the old SSD - install Windows 10 Pro to the second SSD, and reinsert the old SSD in its place[both SSDs in the system], I will Have Not a boot loader but have to choose the OS to boot [if differ from last time] from UEFI boot order???


These statements are correct???


I have as two data HDDs as RAID 1 setup... F:/ when getting out old SSD, and installing OS in Second SSD, and reinsert old SSD, If Not touch SATA or Power connectors of HDDs/RAID-1, I will have No problems with RAID 1 or rebuild RAID problems????


posted also at:



Does Anyone know when RAID 1 setup needs the REBUILD Process?

Or if RAID 1 not modified in the scenario above...?


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Windows 10 Pro - but OS suffers can't update OS neither install nor update Applications, I want to reset it... 

Well the Windows 10 is installed in C:/ SSD, but I have also as RAID 1 - two 2TB HDDs AS F:/

IF RESET WINDOWS 10[SSD - keep my files], RAID 1[HDDs] will have to rebuild or will stay intact?  

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