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Missing Power Shell (administrator) shortcut

Bob Onysko

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I just found that I'm missing the PowerShell (administrator) shortcut as well as the Windows System Tools shortcuts.  PC Matic is the only app I have installed that cleans up my PC.  Anybody else have these problems?  HINT:  You may have to check out these things to see if they're missing on your system.  I found out by accident by trying to open PowerShell (administrator) using the Start Menu.


Also, how will I get notified with responses to this post?

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Hola @Bob Onysko and :wpcm:


It looks like @stewieT has already replied to your ticket at our Help Desk. The Help desk is where all of our product support takes place and is the most expedient means to a resolution.

Double check your email inbox for his reply, if you don't see it there, please check your spam/junk folder.


As to your question about being notified of a reply to your post, at the bottom of this reply/post box, there should be a toggle to "Notify me of replies". This will give you a notification in your browser if you're logged into the forums and have also clicked to allow notifications to be sent, like in this image.

Allow or Block Website Notifications in Google Chrome in Windows-chrome_ask_to_allow_or_block_notifications_for_website.jpg


The alternative is to "Follow" the post and set your preference for how to be notified and with what frequency.




Hope this helps and thanks for your support of our software!


Tx 🤠

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