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Hard drive back-up...where is it?

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Good morning all!!  I have been backing up the hard drive of my desktop to an external hard drive.  I have "File History" automatically back up my files as "ON"...but i also manually back up to the external hard drive under Back-up Options.  Where does this file go on the external hard drive?  I can't readily see the file that is my back up.  What files do I look under?  Shouldn't the file display the current date?


Please and thanks.  I have a screen shot below.  





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Looking at that screen shot, I'm gonna say the versioned backup is in the top folder, Dacey_Tower_Backup and the one below may be relevant to it. The rest look to be certain folders you've just copied to the external. 


Hope that helps! 

Tx 🤠

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The top folder is for sure a backup folder, and the next one is an image backup.  It appears these were made with windows backup on, probably, a windows 7 system.  What I don't understand is. you say you backup daily and that top folder hasn't been modified in nearly a year.


From this, I conclude that you changed how you do backups last October.  My guess is that since then your "new" procedure is backing up somewhere else... not on this drive  - unless you are backing up in your quicken 2020 folder.  I suspect that if you check the settings for whatever program you are using to backup, you will find where they are being stored.

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