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No LAN in Network Connections

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Hey everyone,


I just ordered a new gaming PC from NZXT and noticed my WiFi was a bit slow so i attempted to use an Ethernet cable to connect directly but it seems i'm only able to connect to my internet via WiFi. I've tried connecting an Ethernet cable to the PC but nothing happens. I've contacted my ISP and everything is working. In addition I've tried using the same cable through the same port to connect to other PC's in my house and they work fine. I've done some things to fix this such as uninstalling Network adapters in the Device Manager but no luck. Someone please help. 


Not sure if it'll help but I've attached my PC specs along with the LAN missing in my Network Connections.




PC Specs.PNG

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Hola @Mcarelli and :wpcm:


I'd start with goin to the mobo manufacturer site and get the latest driver for the nic/network adapter. https://dlcdnets.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/04LAN/I225V_Intel_Gigabit_Ethernet_Driver_V1.0.1.4_WIN10_64-bit.zip




Tx 🤠

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