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I downloaded the NCH "Moneyline" on line banking program only for the checkbook balancing feature.  There was spyware/malware in the program that PCMatic did not catch.  PCMatic ran several scans after the spyware download but it was never detected or removed.  Hackers got my personal information and went to a bank branch in CA to try to withdraw money from my checking account.  The Branch Manager stopped the withdrawal due to suspicious looking (fake) ID.  Spent five nerve racking days changing all my bank and credit card accounts.  The imposter also bought a SIM card from a Verizon store using my wife's cell number.  The next day they went back to the same store and bought a iPhone 10x on my account.  All Verizon did was remove the charges.


Be aware that this program worked around the PCMatic scans and protection software.  Had to get the Geek Squad to find and remove the spyware/malware.

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