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How to enable Stereo Mix on my Window 10?

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I got this Stereo Mix name from post. But I can't find it in my Windows 10, even check "show disabled devices" in sound recording settings..  So how to judge whether my sound card has a support of this recording feature? Or it's just the system that disabled it... 

I need to take some audio capture for work, not from mic, so I also wonder audio recorder and screen recorder that features audio capturing, which one is more worthy to buy? Or the freeware is just powerful enough? Until now, I've taken a look at some software called OBS, Audaciaty, RecMaster, Screencast-o-matic.... Totally lost myself




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I've never used any... but I have a friend who likes a program called active presenter.  It's for making online classes so it does screen capture and video.

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