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Bad update Win10


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Seems this could be a real problem for Win10 users. I'd assume that this update could be ignored (as in do not install), or if already installed just remove it so it won't cause these issues.


Anyone have any problems with this one yet? Recommendations on how to resolve or avoid such problems?



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I'll double check my lappy to see if this update is installed, but I haven't personally had any issues so far.


I also noticed in Grinlers article there's details on removing said update and then reinstalling drivers... Specifically noting the mention of Intel drivers. Perhaps the problem is hitting Intel based machines more so? Nothing personal against Intel here (though my lappy runs a Ryzen 5 3500U with Vega graphics).


Also going to check my fiancee's lappy to see if that's what been causing her issues with crashes during 3D rendering (Daz3D Studio). Her machine is running an Intel i5-8300H with nVidia GTX1050.

We are getting back into the swing of things, even if on a slow boat!


It does seem that M$ is working on an update to fix things.



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