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Hey everyone, been quite some time since I've last visited here. I see a new name to PC Pitstop. Looks like there's still some familiar folks around here. Glad to see most are still around and doing alright. Though, I seen a few sad updates on some really great folks passing.


Quite a bit has happened over the past couple years. So much I missed out on (had been homeless) 😔

But things started looking up again and hopefully going in the right direction now.

Hopefully I'll be seeing more of everyone here as I'm building it all back up.


I should be having a new lappy to work on soon, may even try to get back to folding again! I'll definitely keep things in the know as soon as it arrives here (hopefully on Monday), Fedex has been having trouble finding my apartment.


Besides that, I've been quite busy lately. Was working as a cook and barista at Dunkin Donuts. Now moving on to bigger and better things and doing a bit of mobile mechanic side work.


Hope everyone else here is doing well! I'll most likely be seeing everyone in f@h neighborhood real soon!!

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Hopefully I'll be receiving my new lappy tomorrow. It will be at least something until I can build a new desktop.

FedEx delivery driver has had trouble finding my door it seems. First time I've had such a problem with getting a package from them.


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And finally got it!!


Just need to finish setting everything up and get connected to internet.


This one's got a Ryzen 5 3500U with Vega 8, 8GB DDR4, 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD!



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Thanks Tx!


Getting some Windows updates done now. Couldn't get an overdrive test to finish, it would go through the whole scan then have no results to show.


Win10 sure is strange since the last Windows systems I ran were XP and 7.  Then I had a desktop with 8.1 and switched it to opensuse.

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Yeah, the Overdrive test hasn't really been updated or messed with in a bit, so it does have issues. 


As to 10 being different, it is, but the underlying function is pretty much the same all the way back to XP. Taskbar search function actually works now though. 🤣


I think that if you've used any M$ OS in the last 15yrs, 10 won't be an issue for you. 



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