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I know these forums are not for technical support or customer service, but I have put in a total of three tickets about a problem with my account and have not heard back from anyone.  I've checked my spam folder.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get in contact with someone that might be able to help?  I am beyond frustrated.  I love this product, but must say that customer service is non-existent.

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Hola @Denise T and :wpcm:


I'm sorry we're having communication issues, I've emailed our Customer Support team to see if we can figure out what's wrong. 


In the meantime, please double check that you've no responses from us in your SPAM folder. 


Hang tight! 

Tx 🤠

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Hi @Denise T

An email was sent from our help desk at about 6:30pm ET on 05/09/2020 to the email address associated with your forum account and to the email address used for your PC Matic account.

We have also sent another email just now.

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