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Hi all - I have been unsuccessful trying to "free" update my computers to Win10.  Figure I'll wait till I need a new machine.  

I'm thinking of buying PCMatic based on some anecdotal evidence that it will help maintain and protect in a Win 7 environment even 

without the continued support from Microsoft.  I also like the Whitelist concept.

Is that an accurate appraisal or just coming from someone who has convinced themselves?

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Hola @File Daemon and :wpcm:


PC Matic will continue to help computers that run Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems.

SuperShield is a free add-on to further enhance the computer's protection. It is a real time security component and will block any program on our blacklist and programs that are not on the "known good" white list.  SuperShield should never allow malware to execute on your computer without the user's knowledge or permission.

You can right-click on the green shield icon in the lower right corner of the screen by the clock and change the Protection Level, we recommend that you just leave the SuperShield protection running, or you can change to SuperShield Advanced Mode, open a program in question again, and add the programs to your "Always Allow" list, provided that you know for sure that these are legitimate programs, or add them to the "Always Block" list to avoid seeing the warning screen for that specific executable. Only the SuperShield level of protection gives you the best available protection for your computer.

There is more information about SuperShield here: https://www.pcmatic.com/whitelist

Tx 🤠
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