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Is there a way to speed up service deliberately slowed down by my ISP?

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My ISP is supposed to provide a speed of 75.  Turns out we were actually getting a speed of 43.  A tech guy plugged a cable between the TV and router boosting the speed to 72.  That was great; unfortunately, it seems the ISP

Is reducing the speed at will despite the cable.


I've recently heard of boosters.  Would that prevent the ISP from decreasing the speed we pay for?  If so, can someone educate me on them. If not, is there another solution?


New member.  Thanks for yall's help.


Note: I'm barely remedial about tech and electronics.

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Hola @TeamAmerica and :wpcm:


Unfortunately, the speeds listed on a plan/package we pay for are advertised as "Up To X" and represent a best case scenario. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but is the reality of how the verbiage goes and the way regulations permit them to sell)/advertise the services. 


That being said, you could try our Broadband Quality Tool to see if it'll help you better pinpoint times of day that your service is fastest vs most degraded. This could be useful to you and your provider as it may be a situation where there's too many people on the node you're sharing and they potentially could have a way to remedy the situation. https://techtalk.pcmatic.com/2016/06/02/pc-pitstop-launches-broadband-quality-tool/


If worse comes to worse, shopping other providers for your location could be an option. 


Hope this helps and you enjoy your time here, 

Tx 🤠


Note: Someone else could chime in and have better info, this is just where my train of thought goes based on the limited info provided. 

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