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New here, how do i get started.


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Hola @Billkk and thanks @nigsy for moving this here!


Thanks for your support of our software, we hope it meets your needs! Below are some videos we've produced that I think would help you. If you've further questions, our product support is handled through our Help Desk and can be reached via https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ 


Tx 🤠




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New to PC Matic and have run into a problem installing my first computer. The error is "PCMaticAgent.MU...msi can't be downloaded securely." At first it showed that the device was added, as shown on device list, and the computer shows the icon but will not open.  Looked up support phone number but there is no support to call, only option is to log a report to support, which I did but I cannot be strapped to my computer. Please, I need help so I can load to my other computers.


WIN 10



Download to install - receive error "PCMaticAgent.MU...msi can't be downloaded securely."

Able to select "Keep" and Setup Wizard, Agent, opened.

Select next but "change, Repair, Remove" -- all are grayed out. 

Only option is Back or Cancel




Windows Security


Need suggestions on what I'm missing. 


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