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Pin loggin failure on Win 10 x64

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Running Windows 10 x64 and computer has been a little slow for last week. I attributed it to a notice from Centurylink that a major fiber cable was damaged about that time in my area. Left the machine up while tending the kitchen and it had gone to sleep when I returned. Attempted to resume, but got  a message that for some unknown reason the PIN login was not accessible so I chose password log which I haven't used in probably 2 years. I have been unsuccessful in logging in. I wondered since this machine has been on PC matic service for a couple of years is it possible to have them do a remote logon reset or repair.

Laptop is Dell Latitude E6430 running Win 10 x64

All file data is backed up on a removable 5T HD only software resides on the laptop

Do not have repair disk of copy of OS as it is a refurbished unit with the Refurbished Key product sticker attached.

Found an online repair at passfab.com which can be loaded to a CD to recover from this issue anyone  know of this?

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Hola @DCouand :wpcm:


Firstly, thanks for your support of our software! 


Unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of what we do as we only support our own products. 


You could post down in the User To User section and someone might be able to help you, but our forum rules prohibit telling someone directly how to reset a computer's password or share software that could enable that. That said, maybe someone will be able to point you in the right direction. 


Tx 🤠





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