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Just started folding but ...

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Hi everybody.


I have just joined this merry bunch of folders. I think it is a great idea to find a way o beat this virus.


However, when I downloaded the programme, Super Shield tried to stop the down load, and I would have thought that it would have been added to the white list already.


Then a few moments ago, when the first run was about 60% complete it suddenly stopped. I don't know if it had finished, but there was a pop up from Super Shield. And when the second run started I again had to tell super Shield to allow it. 


How can i get Super Shield to just let it run?



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Welcome to the Pit Crew I see you posted points at 6:00 am and 9:00 am so it looks like you got your folding white listed.


We do have a good little team here with some long time folders.

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Hola @Andy_the_Dancer :wpcm:


Thanks for your support in both F@H and our software, PC Matic! 


If you continue to have problems with PCMatic, please reach out to our Customer Support team at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ They'll be able to get you squared away! 


Tx 🤠

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