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Dual Boot Ubuntu 18.04 & Win 10 - Ubuntu not booting

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      I was installing PCMatic on my 5th workstation which is an old dual boot win 10 and ubuntu 18.04 lts. It has been booting with grub for the last two years. When I completed the install, the ubuntu partition will not boot - I've tried the generic boot and when it completes and continues with normal boot, I get the same result blank screen that just hangs. I've opened a ticket with pc-matic but I'll take help from anywhere at this point.

Thanks Jerry Coppa

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Hola @Jerry_Coppa and :wpcm:


I see that you did reach out to our Customer Support team, with this being a product support issue, that's the best place to get the right info to resolve the problem. 


Please respond with how yall get this resolved, I'm curious myself. 🙂


Tx 🤠



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