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PCmatic and Mac OS 10.15.4


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So let me start off by saying I love the concept of this product, so much so I bought a 5 license lifetime subscription to this product. I think that the future of AV and security on any platform. My question is, has anyone else had severe performance issues on the mac platform with the latest version of PCmatic for mac? The performance was SO BAD I removed the product from my Mac.

Some of the issues I was having are as follows:
Speed of boot time has gone down DRAMATICALLY
Application performance opening has also gotten much longer
Some apps that I use despite being added to the whitelist and given permission to run stop working or slow down causing the app not to respond

As someone who does independent contracting in the IT field I am very familiar with the trade-offs of speed and convenience vs. security. However, the trade-off with PCmatic at this point is WAY too high and have since removed the program from the mac. My hope is that in a future version these performance issues will be resolved. I have not installed the program on windows but I hope that the performance on windows 7 and/or 10 is better then the mac

My question is, has anyone else had these kind of issues? I run a 3rd party firewall and I have file-vault encryption turned on. If you need some help debugging, troubleshooting & beta testing these issues please let me know. I want to see your product succeed in the market. I find your approach to be the future of security on major platforms.


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Hola @cmcd and :wpcm:

Thanks for your support of our software! I'm sorry it wasn't working as expected, can you give me some more info as to when this was taking place and when you uninstalled PC Matic? As well, please try reinstalling to see if the performance issues persist. If they do, please reach out to our Help Desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/ so we can get more info and get this resolved!


Thanks for you patience and help!


Tx 🤠

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