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something is installing in at your PC and to await to complete and retry .... in task manager is nothing... what to do?


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My PC has and problem with Updates since 01-01-2020 - can Not update


One cable was problematic and burned

i did Not realize it

The PC was booting only in safe mode - in normal mode just when entered Win 10 - get restarted auto, again and again

while this 

I did Restore to an old restore point - but same thing


till get it to repair shop and find the burned cable, now starts OK but having problem with updates, since restored to a restore point while hardware problem existed


Also now update of software like


having problem


you recommend fix updates of windows 10 error?


for error updates see here // can Not update my Custom PC desktop 8700 i7 - neither pause updates... what you recommend on 0x80073712 error?






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1 hour ago, Tx Redneck said:

It is safe to run sfc /scannow If that does not help, just do an in place upgrade, but please backup your important data first. 


Tx 🤠


yes I did  sfc /scannow

but No result

I will do in place upgrade when 2004 [20/04] Windows 10 Version come out

I have one C:/ NVMe 

and two 2TB HDD in RAID as one F:/

really needed backup F:/ if OS is all in C:/...?


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5 hours ago, Tx Redneck said:

If all your pics, docs, etc are on another drive, you're good to go. 


Tx 🤠


If OS become Not boot able - due fail during update to 2004

How Access RAID disk files...? In other words, if cannot boot from OS Win 10 in C:/ how access RAID 1 - F:/... to copy files? 

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