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Unable to upload files larger than 1gb video to Gdrive

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Thanks for taking time to read about this issue.  I have a NAS where all videos are stored, a SSD main HDD, 12gb memory, Fiber Internet connection with Win10 64bit, 1gb network connectivity.  I used to have no issue uploading large files to the Google Drive but now I am unable to upload any file larger than 1gb.  I have tried this with the file copied to my main drive to eliminate the NAS from the equation and I have tried using a VPN to eliminate the ISP, stopped PC Matic for 10min, all to no avail.  My GF is able to upload just fine using Malwarebytes not PCM so it must be my PC.  After thinking about changes I have made, two come to mind:  I switched to PC Matic and I added Samsung Magician to my PC to maximize SSD speed.  I have tried to see if I can stop scanning .mp4 files or files from that network drive but cannot see where to affect that within PC Matic to test.  IF you have any thoughts on this that may help solve, I surely would appreciate it.  TY

I tried to upload from my laptop that uses SSD and mapped drive to NAS but no Samsung Magician and still am unable to complete the upload.  It just starts over and over on both PCs.  PC Matic seems to be the common denominator on both PCs.

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Added test to help narrow.
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Hola @Steven7408 and :wpcm:


I've never experienced this on any of my machines. I regularly upload vmdk to Google Drive without issues. 


Open a trouble ticket at our Help Desk so we can get some more info and see what's going on. That can be done at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx 🤠

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