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Reinstalling windows 10 after hard drive replacement

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I am getting ready to replace the hard drive on my HP Pavillion 23.  It showing early signs of failure. Blue screens etc.  The installation seems straight forward enough.  However the rub is reinstalling windows.  I don't have any media.  My copy is digitally enabled,  I downloaded the crate media tool from microsoft to a blank flash drive, but when opening the file, it started a setup screen which I aborted.  I don't want to damage the system while trying to create a way to reinstall it.  Please help. (I wish we still had the old replacement discs. lol)

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I recently used this piece of software to switch a HDD for a SDD. Simply put the SDD in a external USB doock and cloned the HDD - Then just installed the SSD into the laptop. Perfect all files and setting etc; so no having to reinstall things or dig around for license keys!!






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