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Overheating of the Asus rog 753vd laptop


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The problem is the following overheats laptop Asus rog 753vd os Linux ubuntu 18.04
The problem is the following turns on the throttling computer when the load hangs while it does not turn off but freezes tightly. Installed sensors in idle shows 55 degrees with a load of 73 degrees but at the same time throttling begins. in logs the overheat is also defined. what do you think could be the problem ??

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I don't think the OS is causing that - Those temps shouldn't cause the system to freeze.

Have a look in BIOS and see if there's a temp cutoff you can change.


I'd also try running Mint Lite and see if the issues resurface - that will rule out an OS issue if they do.


Could also be a faulty sensor or the fan itself. 

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