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SETI@Home is shutting down

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Word came out that UC Berkeley is shutting down the SETI@Home project after 21 years. Anyone who has been using the distributed computing project to look for aliens will find out the hard way that there won't be any new projects coming their way past March 31st.  Now would be a good opportunity to hop on over to the Folding@Home side of things.  I just recently started "taking up arms" just to fight COVID-19 with my folding client.


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Been with SETI@home since 2003.


Running Folding@home now......................pile of cr@p!


All i can do is get new/upload finished work.


Tried it on machines with intel/AMD, invidia/Radeon..................still cr@p!


Nothing else about the programme works, not even the bloody screensavers!


Even the Folding@home forum is pretty useless, everyone just seems to accept the status quo. (including some ex Pitsters) :mrgreen:


Imp. B)

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