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Dsl Slow Upload

Guest jhkh

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i have adsl with a promised connection speed of 300 download and 120 upload. i get up to 283 0n download and was getting 110 on upload.

the problem is my upload has dropped to 54. and stays there.

my isp has been working on the problem. they say my speedstream router is the likely cause and are going to replace it but i have my doubts thats where the problem is. as it was running fine for the first week then boom. all gone.

any ideas

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Modems are just machines made by humans and some are defective and tend to break. Has your ISP also checked the lines?


If you believe that its something wrong with your computer you can try a restore if you have Win me, 2000, or XP. You can also try some reg tweaks --- http://www.speedguide.net


But if I were you I would wait until your ISP replaces your modem or whatever else they are planning to do....because if its not a problem with your computer, why mess with it and possibly screw things up when it might not even be your problem.

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