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Nashville tornadoes ... Okay Juliet??


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Man,  they were close, to close!

I absolutely hate it when they come at the darkest time of night.

I woke up hearing the hail hit the house then, ran downstairs  and turned the TV on and watched radar . You could hear a lot going on but you couldn't see it.

Got a closet ready to jump in if we needed it.

Come morning, everything was kinda confusing, theres insulation covering yards, and roof tops. No idea where it came from. Now of course we do,  it hit a church and leveled it and I believe it was from there.


Thank you so much for remembering me.


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After a few little trips looking around to see what was close and finally able to get through,  it was jaw dropping.

A couple of older churches just gone..........

How does it destroy a house and leave 1 wall standing?,  I feel so humbled by it all.

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