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New computer won't start sometimes

Chips Ahoy

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I bought a new Dell Inspiron 3670 computer and have been having a problem where it won't start sometimes. The power button keeps blinking orange twice in a row. After that I push the button in for 10 seconds and it doesn't stop blinking. The only way I can start the computer is to unplug it and plug back in. The computer has done this since brand new.


I've had the computer back to Best Buy twice already and it doesn't cause problems for them (of course!).


I've replaced my power strip and even tried plugging computer directly in the wall. The computer still acts up, so that's not the problem either.


What could the problem be?

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If you've a paid warranty with Best Buy, force them to honor the contract. I had to fight with them for that very reason 15yrs ago and swore them off as a place to do business, unless they were the only ones available at the moment. 


That said, good luck and if the above is not the case, do some earnest research on local companies that do pc repair. When you find one, explain the situation to them and they'll likely be able to help more than BB. 



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