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Richard W. Schierer

MSP > Some client computers Windows 10 will not complete a scan

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I am an MSP, only have about a dozen clients right now, but am growing.

I have a few windows 10 computers that will not run or complete a scan, automatically or manually.

Operating System

Windows 10 x64


Intel Core i5-3340 3100MHz


Inspiron 660

2 of my problem clients run proprietary databases. One is called LimoWiz and one is from Duke Energy

When I perform a manual scan, remotely, the scan starts, goes thru the motions and then stops and will not go past:

Scanning in Progress

Setting up Disk Scan

And it never gets past that

I turned off Defender and ensured that there were no other antivirus products


I appreciate any and all help, especially if you can direct me to how to troubleshoot the product without asking questions of anyone.

I have been a tech for companies using ConnectWise and am used to having 'too' many options and tools available

But it seems that no one PC Matic or ConnectWise for that matter, offers a resource for us to resolve our own problems without going to PC Matic Tech Support.


Love the product, but just frustrated that I don't have the tools to do the work myself.


Thanks in advance to all who respond in advance.


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Hola @Richard W. Schierer and :wpcm:


Sorry you're having trouble out of PC Matic. I've passed this on to our Customer Support team to see what's going on. I'll post back here when I hear something and or someone will be reaching out to you directly. 



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