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pcmatic shield not showing up in MS Edge

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After reinstalling PCmatic again, everything seems to be working fine except no shield is showing up in Edge browser.  IE ask to load adware blocker and it looks good.  Any thoughts?

I  bought this Win10 machine 5 weeks ago.

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Hola @ColoradoSteve and :wpcm:


Thanks for your support of our software, we know you've a lot of choices available for your A/V solution and we're thankful you chose us! 


Currently, PC Matic Adblocker isn't available for the new Chromium based Edge. You can, however, get uBlock Origin from the Chrome Web Store. 


It can be obtained from the below link. While you're there, the second available extension is a companion to uBlock that keeps sites that "block your adblocker" from working. 


https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/UBlock Origin


If by chance you're still using the "old" Edge, uBlock is available for it as well in the Microsoft Store. 


Also note, our Help Desk is available 7 days a week and is the quickest way to get the product support you seek. It can be reached via https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Tx 🤠


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Hey Steve, 


It appears I misinformed you above, please forgive me. PC Matic Adblocker is available in the Chrome Web Store and can be found here. This is how you'll get it installed on the new MS Edge. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pc-matic/okmhneofinpilciglijihehjpaegledb


If you're using the new chromium based Edge, you can visit the Chrome Web Store, there you'll be prompted to allow extensions to be installed from it. You'll see a blue button on the right that says "Add to Chrome", this will install the PC Matic Adblocker to the new Chromium based Edge.



cws on edge.png

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