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PC Matic Ad Blocker for IE

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On 1/6/2020 at 4:29 PM, Tx Redneck said:

Hola @mac and :wpcm:

PC Matic has an add blocker for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox. 


Thanks for your interest in our software! 

Tx ūü§†


I got the "generic" UBLOCK from MS APP STORE for Edge (since PCMatic just coopted UBlock)
And was able to find PCMATIC AddOn/Ext in the Google Chrome AddOns/Exts Store!
I found where you provided "https://software.pcpitstop.com/2019/05/AdBlocker-" as an install for FIREFOX in another Forum discussion response!
But what is the way to get it into IE???

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Hola @JLenardWyandotte and :wpcm:

Thanks for your support of our software! Currently the only way to install the ad blocker for IE is during the installation of PC Matic with Super Shield. There's a new, known bug where we're removing the PC Matic ad blocker from Internet Explorer, but we're working towards a fix.



Tx ūü§†

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