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Finally got Overdrive to finish

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The Zenith II Extreme is out and I'm back up on the ASUS Maximus X Apex and Core i7-8700k, which are running with no problems.  Windows 10 swapped in the Intel drivers with no complications.  I'll get the Zenith II Extreme packed up and shipped to ASUS in a day or two. For some reason, ASUS wants just the motherboard returned, not its accessories, and not in its original packaging, so I have to figure out how to get it packed safely for shipment.


Recent searches turned up three or four other people having the same problems with the Zenith II Extreme, so I'm not terribly optimistic that ASUS will find and repair problems.  That's especially true since ASUS has already replaced the Zenith II Extreme with the Zenith II Extreme Alpha in its TRX40 lineup.  If TRX40 motherboards were cheaper, I'd probably just buy a different one and hope that the problems weren't a fundamental part of the TRX40 chipset and/or Threadripper 3960x.


If the Corsair RMA process hadn't taken me past the 30-day return limits, I'd just be returning the memory, motherboard, and CPU because they cost too much to make accepting with this many hassles acceptable.

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ASUS will be sending a replacement for the RMA Zenith II Extreme, but haven't said what was wrong with the first one.  The backup memory I used on the Zenith II Extreme while Corsair was exchanging its memory only worked at 2133 Mhz on that motherboard, but has been running with no problems at 3600 Mhz/1t on the Maximus X Apex Z370 motherboard.  However, that still could be a fundamental problem with the Trx40 chipset or Threadipper 3960x memory controller.

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