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wth PC Matic. Stopping renewal never works


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I got the automatic renewal email. I did not want to renew so followed the link to my account and found no link to stop renewal. So then I went to the support page and got to the point where I could select don't renew and I LOOKED like it was successful. WRONG. I got another auto renew email, WTH, went to the same place got the sorry it see you go so I thought, Good.

Today I get an email that auto renew was successful, again, WTH.

I found a phone number to do a refund and I got a email stating the refund will be processed. We shall see. With this expedience I hold little hope I get my money back.

Since I found no  place IN MY ACCOUNT to stop auto renewal perminatelly  am I going to have to do this every year?


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Hola @KJR and :wpcm:


Thanks for the opportunity to have served you and we hate to lose you. However, your refund has been issued and the auto-renewal has been disabled. If you don't see the refund processed on you end in the next couple of days, please  reach back out to our Help Desk at https://www.pcmatic.com/support/


Thanks again!

Tx 🤠

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